We have templates to help you lay out your artwork, including the disc printing and the packaging: Custom Tray Packaging, Folders, Wallets, Booklets, Wraps & lots more! PDF templates can be used with Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, and PageMaker.


At DMH Media Duplication, we are committed to providing our customers with affordable, high quality green packaging. EcoPack products that are produced using materials and processes that preserve our natural environment. As part of this commitment to green packaging and printing, we use printers that look for new ways to lessen the environmental footprint and meet your environmental goals.

Eco Packaging



  • Choose your disc type & packaging. Need suggestions? Ask our staff or window shop!

  • Download a template below. Our digital templates work with all major graphics programs. Not sure? Please call or e-mail and we'll guide you!

  • Create your artwork layout in the template using your preferred software.

  • Send your artwork to us. Our experts will ensure your designs will print as intended, and use them on your discs or packaging!


If you wish to save these files to your computer, right click and choose "Save As..." Please contact us if you have any trouble downloading or using these templates.